About Buddha-Statue-Online

About Us

BuddhaStatueOnline.com is an online statues handicraft store from Nepal, owned by MahaLaxmi Crafts now managed by a young entrepreneur as a family business.

Mahalaxmi Crafts specialized n deals mostly in Buddha or Buddhist Statues or Sculptures and Tibetan handicrafts since from generation. Its trading history recorded up to Kathmandu-Tibet-Lhasha-Sigatshe business transaction by the forefathers and grandparents. We are the real craftsmen of valley beside trading because our family caste is Tamrakar which resembles an inborn artist who work on copper/brass metal or giving shape to copper aka copper-smith in English. In present days also, Tamrakars work on copper as their family business in wide varieties of products like metal utensils, Tibetan metal crafts, traditional metal decorative crafts, statues making, metal repousse arts, Buddhist craft making, temple craft maker, monasteries related products, various artistic metal carvings and more. Even today at Patan alley, you can find craftsmen working at their home workshop producing these traditional and cultural Nepalese handicrafts. 

Even at present days, we are preserving and continuing our traditional craft work, but modifying the way of doing business, that is making online presence and promoting our business globally. In conventional, our goods are foreign tourist base goods mostly Americans, Europeans and Buddhist nationals from China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand that buys our goods from our shops as a souvenir goods while returning back to their home. And many Buddhist dharma people, monasteries buy from us for their shrine and religious purpose. So, now we have launched our Buddha statue online store to reach globally. Our goal is to promote our business and cultural heritage goods from Nepal. 

We are directly linked up with many small scale artisans who are home based worker. We are supporting their work aiding to uplift their lives by buying their handicrafts goods and promoting/selling online. Buying our goods will help many artisans and families involved in this making crafts since it is indeed not a single handed products, it require lots of hard work, making steps, expertise from beginning to end process of finishing.

So, our target is also to promote Nepalese artisan and craftsmen who work in their homes for living by selling and promoting their crafts online.

Each products are carefully selected and collected from our artisans and then place it for direct online sales.

Since, we are closely working with other artisans and craftsmen, we can make custom ordered products and provide services related to Nepalese handicrafts and accept our clients' custom requirements and designs.

And, we also deal in wholesale to our valued clients' of bulk buyer or re-sellers. 

So, our targeted clients' are also doing reselling business, shop vendors, importers, distributors or interested to buy products in bulk quantities as well, besides online sale. We also do drop shipping for our resellers as well as per need.

With very minimal cost price, we offer any product range related to Nepalese handicrafts and custom order commissioned product with commitment to reasonable cost, timely delivery and quality products that our client had expected.

We previously exporting our products through big vendors and agents but now we our self export and supply our manufactured products to shop vendors, re-sellers in US, European Countries, Asian and also to some African Countries as well according to client orders and need and trying to promote and selling directly making available for online shopping which is 100 % safe and secure. 

We have a very good and effective feedback's and positive response from this online handicraft shop web portal and gaining our products popularity day by day. 

All our crafts are genuine Nepal made and with up most quality in products.

We BuddhaStatueOnline.com is working for quality services & delivering wide selection of exclusive collection of Nepalese products for pleasant online shopping with 100 % safe, reliable and secure online transactions and committed to timely delivery of products.

If your would like to know more about us or our products, please feel free to make contact through email on info@buddhastatueonline.com

or Please call us directly on +9779818982297 (Mob), Tangal, Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal for more details about us.